Form a Virginia benefit corporation

If you want to start a business that is about more than just making profits and have a mission to do good while you do well, then a Virginia benefit corporation may be the entity form for you. A Virginia benefit corporation is a separate legal entity that can have, as part of its overall mission, a plan to include a social mission. The benefit corporation is sort of a hybrid between a traditional stock corporation (being for profit) and a non-profit (having a social mission). Virginia now gives businesses the option of registering as benefit corporations, incorporating a social mission in their corporate charters and making the fulfillment of the social mission a fiduciary duty in the same way that generating a profit now is for corporations (these corporations would still be expected to earn a positive financial return, but it wouldn’t be their only goal).

We can help you form your Virginia benefit corporation correctly and completely, assisting you with as much (or as little) as you would like to best fit your situation. This service is available to you regardless of where you are located. We work with entrepreneurs and business owners all over Virginia, across the United States, and internationally.

We can take care of these steps for you so you're sure that it's done right. To get started with your new benefit corporation formation, fill in the secure and encryted order form below and we'll contact you to confirm your order and all of the information for your new benefit corporation.

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