Registered Agent for Non-Virginia Companies

Virginia law requires non-Virginia businesses to designate a Virginia Registered Agent before doing business within Virginia.

Are you a corporation or limited liability company formed in a state other than Virginia? Do you want to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia?

Virginia Code §13.1-763 requires foreign companies (companies that are formed under the laws of a state other than Virginia but that are required to register to do business in Virginia) to designate a Registered Agent in Virginia. The Registered Agent must be located in Virginia. We serve as Registered Agent for many foreign companies from states around the country. We can serve as your Registered Agent, too!

Answers to common questions about foreign companies doing business in Virginia:

  1. Does my corporation or LLC have to register with Virginia before doing business in Virginia? Generally, yes. If you are doing business in Virginia then you need to be “qualified” by the Virginia State Corporation Commission before you can start doing business here.
  2. What is the definition “doing business” in Virginia? There is no set definition, believe it or not, of what “doing business” means. In fact, the Virginia Code approaches it from the reverse perspective and gives a non-exhaustive list of what is NOT doing business. The Code section regarding the necessity of registering as a foreign corporations can be found here. Generally, if you have an office in Virginia, have employees physically located in Virginia, maintain any inventory in Virginia, or regularly advertise and make sales in Virginia, you are “doing business” in Virginia.
  3. How do I qualify my company to do business in Virginia? You must submit an Application for Certificate of Authority to Transact Business in Virginia. If you are a corporation or an LLC, you can download the application from the SCC web site.
  4. How much does it cost to qualify as a foreign company in Virginia? If you’re an LLC, it costs $100.00. If you’re a corporation, it depends on the number of authorized shares you have specified in your articles of incorporation. The State Corporation Commission has a chart to help you figure out the fees for corporations. You can find the foreign corporation filing fees here.
  5. How much do you charge to be the Virginia Registered or Resident Agent? $125.00 per year. No extra fees. No mailing or postage fees like many registered agents or resident agents charge. One flat fee, nothing more to worry about.

We can help you register as a foreign company with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Email us for more information on that process.

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