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If you’re looking for a Virginia registered agent, you’ve come to the right place. We serve as Virginia Registered Agent and Virginia Resident Agent for Virginia corporations and limited liability companies and foreign companies (companies formed in states other than Virginia) that are going to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia and need a Virginia registered agent.

We charge a flat fee of $125 per year to serve as your registered agent in Virginia.

All corporations and limited liability companies registered in Virginia are required to have a Virginia resident agent on record with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. A Registered Agent is an individual that receives “official” mail and deliveries on behalf of a corporation or limited liability company. “Official” mail and deliveries generally means communications from either the Virginia State Corporation Commission or from a Court through service by the county sheriff (of a lawsuit, garnishment for an employee, etc.).

Thinking of forming a Virginia corporation or Virginia LLC? We can help you there, too. Check out how we can help you form your Virginia corporation or Virginia limited liability company today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost? Our annual fee to serve as Registered Agent is a flat $125 per year. No extra costs.

Can I sign up with you right now? Absolutely! Get started right now with our quick sign up process.

What if I have questions about the paperwork? We’re here to help. Once you have signed up with us, just contact us by email or phone and we’ll answer all of your questions at no additional charge.

Can you help me set up a Virginia LLC or corporation? Absolutely! Get more information about our LLC formation services and corporation formation services by clicking these links.

I’m a licensed security company and need document storage – can you help? Yes. Under new Virginia laws that went into effect in July, 2008, licensed security companies must maintain certain company records within the Commonwealth of Virginia at an office location that is accessible to inspection by the licensing agency. We can serve as your office in Virginia and securely store your required documentation. Click here for more information.

Can you help me with a Virginia Operating Agreement and Virginia Corporation documents? Yes! Check out our list of all of the things we can help you with in Virginia.

If you have other questions, please contact us.

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Do you have questions about the process or our services? Call us at 804-290-4330 to discuss our services or send us an email with your questions. We’ll respond promptly.

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Why You Should Choose Us as Your Virginia Registered Agent

  • We specialize in Virginia corporate and LLC law and businesses. Unlike other service providers that cover the entire country, we only handle Virginia so we know the rules, procedures, and laws better than anyone. Expert, specialized knowledge will ensure that your matter is handled correctly the first time
  • We’re fast! We will forward your documents to you the same day we receive them. We’ll respond to your order for service and get you the information you need immediately (we know you don’t want to drag this process out)
  • Personalized service we’ll work with you the way you want. Since we focus on only Virginia, we can be more flexible. And with us, you can actually speak to a live person that knows what they’re talking about
  • Help we’ll send you the correct application to use with our registered agent/resident agent information completed and with detailed instructions and we’ll help you understand the process and the paperwork for no extra charge
  • Focused unlike other services, we focus only on Virginia and are experts in the Virginia rules and procedures
  • High Quality we ensure that you quickly get your documents and can send scans of them to you via email if you like
  • Low Cost Unlike some other services, we don’t hide our fees or make you fill out a long form to get the cost information. That’s because our registered agent fees are the lowest around – $125 per year – and, unlike others, there are no hidden fees
  • Location we’re in Richmond, Virginia, the state capital and we interact with the Virginia State Corporation Commission every day
  • You can get started immediately – just go here.