Virginia Business Address

Having a business address is an important part of forming and maintaining your company with the Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth. When establishing a new Virginia LLC you’re required to include a principal office address, and when forming a new Virginia corporation you must provide addresses for your company’s initial directors. If you’re a business owner who works from home or runs a business remotely, you might be tempted to use your personal address on these formation documents. But that would be a mistake.

Why? Your formation documents are made public once you file them. This means that if you include your home address in your formation documents, it’ll be made public.

At Virginia Professional Services, we not only understand the importance of having a reliable and reputable business address. As your registered agent, we provide one for your state filing, completely free.

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Benefits of a Professional Business Address

For many small business owners, having a professional business address that’s different from your home address is important for one very good reason: privacy. If you use your home address on your formation documents it will be made public, which opens you up to the possibility of unwanted mail and tons of spam. Using a professional business address protects you from aggressive solicitors.

Not only that, having a professional business address can lend credibility to your company. Our address is located in Richmond, near the state Capitol. When you form your business with us, the address on your formation documents is one centered in the the state’s business district.

Our Virginia Business Address

We maintain a physical business address in the Commonwealth for our job as Virginia registered agents. Unlike many other business address services in the state, we give you a real address (not a P.O. Box) that’s stable and reliable. Want to receive mail at your Virginia mailing address? We can help with that, too. We offer a series of affordable mail options:

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Mail Forwarding

You receive a unique suite number, which gives you the option to receive mail at your Virginia business address. We’ll scan your mail and upload it to your online account right away. Choose from two different Mail Forwarding options, depending on how much mail your business receives.

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Virtual Office

Get mail forwarding, plus everything you need to operate your business remotely: online account, unlimited mail scans, access to a conference room, month-to-month office lease, and a phone number with a Virginia area code. What’s more, our Virtual Office service is only $19 a month.

Virginia Business Address FAQ

Virginia’s Secretary of the Commonwealth won’t accept a P.O. Box on your business formation papers for your Virginia LLC, or your Virginia Corporation. You can choose to use a P.O. Box for your business mail, if you like. But, if you want to avoid the hassle of having to go to a physical location to collect your mail, you might want to use one of our virtual mail services. That way you can access your mail anywhere, anytime.

Your business formation documents must include a physical address in Virginia. But when you form your business with us, you get a physical address in Virginia which you can access remotely. Need to receive physical mail in Virginia? We’re at our address five days a week during normal business hours to accept mail on your behalf. We’ll then scan your documents then upload them to your online account.

Absolutely. You can change your company’s principal address by logging into your account with the Virginia Clerk’s Information System. There, you’ll want to select Statement of Principal Office Change where you can update your address.

An easier option? Hire us. As your registered agent, we’ll provide you with a business address and even update it with the state for just $25.

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Hire Us As Your Registered Agent

As your registered agent, we’ll put our address on your formation documents so you can keep yours private.