Forming a new Virginia Company

Are you ready to start your new Virginia LLC or Virginia corporation?

Are you thinking of starting a Virginia corporation? Check out how to form a Virginia corporation. Or, if you’re interested in forming a Virginia limited liability company, learn how to properly form your Virginia LLC.

We can efficiently and affordably help you make sure that your new Virginia corporation or Virginia limited liability company is formed correctly so that you’re protected when you need it.

We offer many different options to help you customize the formation package that is right for you. If you’re interested in a Virginia LLC, click here. If you prefer a Virginia corporation, click here.

Not sure of whether it is worth it to start a Virginia corporation or limited liability company? Read our Top Five Reasons to Form a Corporation or LLC in Virginia.

The Virginia Code, §13.1-634, requires corporations and limited liability companies formed in Virginia to designate a Registered Agent.

Many business owners prefer to have a third party like us serve as their registered agent so that they don’t have the hassle or distraction of dealing with service of process and potential visits from the sheriff, especially to their home. For a small annual fee, we can take this burden from you.

Check out our “Getting Started” page to see how quick and easy it is to name us as your Registered Agent today.

If you already have a Virginia LLC or corporation and want to change the name of it, we can help you with that as well. For a flat fee of $200, which includes the $25 filing fee, we’ll take care of the name change process for you. Just click here for more information or to get started.

Have you already filed your Articles of Organization but need an Operating Agreement to finalize the ownership, management structure, and other operational details of your new Virginia LLC? Order a Virginia-specific Operating Agreement that can be easily and quickly customized for your unique situation and needs.

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