Local, Professional Registered Agent Service in Virginia

Welcome to Virginia Professional Services, LLC, your trusted partner for professional registered agent services.

As a business operating in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it is mandatory to appoint a registered agent for your company. Partnering with a reliable registered agent helps to ensure compliance with state regulations and streamline your legal process. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with comprehensive support, expert knowledge, and personalized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence, we are ready to be your trusted partner in Virginia’s business landscape.

What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent is a qualified individual or business legally appointed to accept official paperwork, including service of process (lawsuits) and state business notices.

Per the Virginia State Corporation Commission, all Virginia registered agents must be Virginia residents, have a physical address in Virginia, and be available at that address during all regular business hours. Beyond that, a Virginia registered agent must be a member of the business’s management/ownership, a member of the Virginia State Bar, or a third party legal/registered agent service company (like us). A Virginia business may not be its own registered agent.

How to Choose a Registered Agent for your Virginia Business

Choosing a registered agent is an important, but personal decision for each Virginia LLC or corporation and can only be based on that company’s unique priorities and focus. A start-up with minimal budget may only focus on cost and opt to act as their own registered agent. A company that prioritizes privacy and professionalism will likely hire a Virginia attorney or professional service company. Businesses seeking a robust blend of professionalism, privacy, and expertise for a more comfortable investment than they’d pay with a law firm, choose Virginia Professional Services, LLC.

What to Expect from Virginia Professional Services:

Experience. With almost 20 years in business, our company specializes in Virginia businesses and working with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Dependability. Through varying economic and social climates we have remained in business for almost two decades, consistently serving our clients.

Expertise. We offer professional business services to businesses registered in Virginia. As your registered agent, whether you register your own companies or hire us to handle it all for you, we’re always a phone call or email away and happy to help support you on your business journey.

Privacy. Privacy is often a key motivator in hiring a professional registered agent and one of our top priorities. On top of never sharing your personal information, we’ll also make our office address available to you to list as your principal address (business address) to help keep your personal address off of public record for your Virginia business.

Security. Security and privacy go hand in hand, so we provide secure client accounts, maintain high standards for all business communication, and never sell or share client data.

Streamlined Processes. Clients can access their secure accounts from anywhere they have wifi, and account settings can be managed to suit each business’s needs. Whether you want multiple managers to have account access, or you prefer to have your attorney notified automatically anytime your company is involved in a lawsuit, we have a streamlined solution.

Consistency. Through the years we’ve maintained regular business hours and served our clients with friendly professionalism. Our list of professional services and successful clients may have grown, but our transparent rates remain the same year after year.

What’s Included in Our $125 Registered Agent Service:

Whether you opt to hire us to form your Virginia company or exclusively serve as your company’s Virginia registered agent, you can expect the same high level services:

  • $125 annually, no price hikes or gimmicks
  • Instant registered agent service confirmation
  • Secure client account
  • 365 days of professional registered agent service
  • No limits or per piece/page fees for service of process or state notices
  • Same-day notifications of documents received
  • Friendly, professional phone and email business support
  • Links, tools, and pre-populated forms for state business filings
  • Access to a full suite of professional business services
  • Timely state compliance reminders and filing options
  • Option to list our business address as your own for an added layer of privacy
  • Courtesy junk mail filtering

FAQ for Virginia Registered Agent Service

Can I switch to having your company serve as my registered agent if I already have a business and a different registered agent?

Of course! Virginia SCC requires that you always have a qualified Virginia registered agent appointed for your company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change who’s appointed. In Virginia, there isn’t a filing fee to submit the Change of Registered Office and/or Registered Agent of a Corporation. It’s fast and simple to file online with the SCC, or if you prefer, you can elect to hire us to file the change for you when you hire us for registered agent service. We charge an additional $25 to file the change of agent on your behalf.

Do I need to list my registered agent on my company’s operating agreement or bylaws?

Yes, you should. Internal documents like a Virginia LLC’s operating agreement or corporation bylaws detail how a company is run and individual’s responsibilities within the company. Whether you handle registered agent services in-house or hire a third party, you will want to list who is responsible for accepting legal notices and processing them correctly for the company.

What’s your registered agent cancellation policy?

We want our clients to work with us because they trust us, we are helpful to their business, and our services are priced fairly. We don’t want our clients with us because they were trapped into a contract. We invoice services based on an annual rate, but clients can easily cancel with us with the click of a button inside their account at any time. We’re proud that all of our clients are with us because they actively choose to enlist our services.

What happens if my company is sued?

In the case your business is involved in a lawsuit, the registered agent listed on state record for your company is served. As your registered agent, we will accept the service of process whether it is mailed or hand-delivered, and promptly scan the full document (no per page or add-on fees) to your secure client account as a .pdf. Once the full document is uploaded, you will receive a service of process email notice, as will your attorney, if you have enrolled in that option. From there, clients may view, download, and/or print the document to move forward and handle as necessary. Please note that if the service of process remains unread, clients will receive additional notifications to help ensure nothing important and time-sensitive is missed.

Do I need a Virginia registered agent if I have a sole proprietorship?

Generally, no. A registered agent really serves as a publicly listed point of contact, but if there is no separation between the business and the individual, there really is no guesswork. You are your business (which means your personal assets are also your business’s assets and one of the many reasons business owners choose to start a Virginia LLC or Corporation). While not terribly common, it make make sense to have a registered agent as a sole prop in some situations, so we do offer that service. When you sign up, just be sure to select “individual” from the “Type of Business” drop down.

What happens if I decide to change my business name?

When you purchase a year of Virginia registered agent service through us for your company, it’s for that company, regardless of it’s name. That said, if you decided to change your Virginia LLC or corporation’s name without notifying us, we may receive your documents and have no idea whose they are, which means you may not be notified in a timely manner. Here are the most common name change situations and how to handle them:

  1. Your original business name that you hired us under before registering the company in Virginia is rejected/unavailable so you have to choose a different business name.
    • Easy. Just reach out through the authorized email address associate with your client account and provide the new company name. We need it written to ensure the exact spelling.
  2. After registering your company in Virginia you decide to file an amendment and officially change your business’s name.
    • If you opt to hire us to file the amendment for you, we’ll update our own records so nothing is missed.
    • If you file your own change, update us as soon as it’s processed so we always have the business name covered with service on your account.
  3. You maintain your legal business name but file for and then operate under a fictitious name.
    • Even if you operate certain aspects of your business under a separate fictitious name (often called DBAs in some states), it’s still the same company. Your company just has an official nickname that you may do some or all of your business under.
    • Again, simply reach out to make sure your fictitious name(s) are added under your Virginia business so everything sent to you, gets to you.