How To File an Amendment for a Virginia LLC

If you need to file an amendment for a Virginia LLC, then you will need to submit Virginia LLC Articles of Amendment with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (Virginia SCC). The steps are pretty straightforward:

Determine which form to file

Depending on the changes you are making to your Virginia Articles of Organization, you will need different forms. The most common reason to file an amendment would be to change the name of your LLC, and there’s an amendment form specifically for that change. You can also update other additions you’ve made or add new information to the Articles of Organization on Form LLC1014. Additionally, if you need to correct an error on your articles, there’s yet another form you can use. All of these forms can be downloaded from the State Corporation Commission website.

  • Articles of Amendment, Changing the Name (LLC1014N): $25
  • Articles of Amendment, Changing Specific Information (LLC1014): $25
  • Correction of Articles (LLC1011.1): $25

You do NOT need to file an amendment if you are changing your registered agent, your registered agent address or your principal office. Instead you would file the following forms (which can be filed online via the Clerk’s Information System):

  • Statement of Change of Registered Office/Registered Agent (LLC1016): no fee
  • Statement of Change of the Principal Office Address (LLC1018.1): no fee

Complete Articles of Amendment

While the information required varies slightly form to form, the most comprehensive form is for changing specific information, Articles of Amendment (LLC1014-DOC). To complete this form, you’ll need to include the following:

  • LLC name
  • Text of each amendment adopted
  • Date the amendment was adopted by your Virginia LLC
  • How the amendment was adopted
  • An authorized signature
  • The ID number issued to your LLC by the Virginia SCC

Determine who has the right and power to sign the articles

Make sure you have designated a person who has the authority to manage the business and affairs of the LLC. Your Articles of Organization should indicate that person. If someone other than a member or manager has been delegated the right and power to mange the LLC, you’ll need to write a statement to that effect below the signature area.

Once you’ve got everything in order, you can submit the Articles of Amendment to the Virginia State Corporation Commission by mail, in person, or online.  For any of the amendment forms, there is a $25 filing fee, and you can make your check or money order payable to State Corporation Commission. Do not send cash.

Submit your amendment

To submit your Articles of Amendment by mail or in person:

State Corporation Commission 
Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 1197
Richmond, VA 23218-1197

Courier Delivery Address
1300 E. Main St, 1st floor
Richmond, VA 23219

Or you can file online today and pay with a credit card or eCheck.

After you file an amendment

After you amendment is processed, you will need to update all affected third parties. Those entities could include the IRS, us, your bank, and (with the strictest timeline) FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. If you have already filed your initial Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report to FinCEN per the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), you must file a no-cost, updated BOI report within 30 days of any changes to the filed information. As with the initial report, this could include company information (company name, DBAs, address, and domestic jurisdiction), or beneficial owner (anyone owning at least 25% of the company or holding an executive role) information (individual names, addresses, etc.). All reported information will remain private and secure. You can find more information on the BOI report from FinCEN.

Tired of all the federal filings on top of state filings? We offer a range of federal filing options for our clients. This includes the new mandatory BOI report filing—you can add it on for an additional $25 and our expert filers will take care of the rest!