Virginia Mail Forwarding

With our Virginia Mail Forwarding, we receive your mail at our local Virginia address and scan it immediately to your secure online account, where you can access it from anywhere on your own mobile device. Choose from a selection of mail forwarding packages, so you can pick the plan that best suits your company’s needs.

Free*BasicPlusVirtual Office
Business AddressBusiness AddressBusiness AddressBusiness Address
3 Mail Scans+10 Mail Scans+25 Mail ScansUnlimited Mail Scans
Phone Service
(90 days free)
Phone Service
(90 days free)
Phone Service
(90 days free)
Phone Service
Unique Suite #Unique Suite #Unique Suite #
Conference Room Access
Month-to-Month Office Lease
*Free with registered agent service.

As your Virginia Registered Agent, we automatically scan and upload official notices from the state at no extra charge. We also scan three pieces of regular mail for you for free. Need more than that? Sign up for one of our Mail Forwarding services or Virginia Virtual Office.

Get Virginia Registered Agent service, and choose the Mail Forwarding package that’s right for you.

What’s the difference between Mail Forwarding “Basic” and “Plus”?

Our Basic and Plus mail forwarding packages offer all the same benefits, just different amounts:

  • Basic: +10 documents for $49/year
  • Plus: +25 documents for $99/year

Whatever you choose simply depends on the amount of mail you receive. That’s about it. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution for working remotely, our Virtual Office service has got you covered.

Benefits of Virginia Mail Forwarding

When you sign up for one of our mail forwarding services, we digitize your mail for you and upload it to your online account right away. Here’s how you benefit:

  • Privacy. Receive your business mail without having to use your home address.
  • Accessibility. Get your mail wherever, whenever. All you need is WiFi to read it.
  • Credibility. Using a home address or P.O. Box can make a business seem unprofessional, or unstable. The address we give you is legitimate and professional, located in our local Virginia office building.
  • Stability. Your business address and unique suite number are yours for the lifespan of your business. Even if you move locations, your business address stays the same.
  • Ease. No need to worry about stacks of papers piling up on your desk. Your mail will be easy to access from any device. No matter how much you receive, it stays in one place.

Plus, our services are affordable and simple to use. Receiving more mail that you anticipated? You can upgrade your Mail Forwarding service at any time for no additional fee beyond the cost of service. You can also cancel or downgrade a service at any time without a penalty fee.

How Virginia Mail Forwarding Works

As professional registered agents, we’re already set up to accept official notices and documents from the state on behalf of your company. When it comes to any regular, non-state mail, we’ll upload up to three documents to your online account completely free. From there, you can upgrade to any of our mail forwarding services, or pay a fee to unlock any document you wish to access.

Regular mail includes any standard-size envelopes we receive on your behalf that aren’t service of process sent by the state. This could include letters, contracts, invoices, you name it.

We automatically forward your mail digitally. However, if you would like us to forward any physical documents, we can send them to you for a fee of $9 per document.

No. Our offices are not equipped to handle or store packages. The majority of packages we receive are returned to sender.

Once you’ve surpassed the number of documents included in your mail forwarding package, we won’t refuse or ignore your mail. Instead, we still scan mail to your account and notify you via email. To unlock it, you can either pay a $50 unlock fee, or you can upgrade your mail forwarding service ($49/year or $99/year) or switch to $19/month virtual office, which includes unlimited mail forwarding.

Simplify Your Business Life

Forget trips to the post office, stacks of mail, and misplaced messages—Virginia Mail Forwarding has got you covered.