Virginia Virtual Office

Virginia Virtual Office is the comprehensive solution for remote workers, frequent travelers, and anyone who wants all the benefits of a business office without the inconvenience.

From unlimited mail scans to phone service, get everything you need to manage your business on the go. See how our Virtual Office package compares to our other mail forwarding options:

Free*BasicPlusVirtual Office
Business AddressBusiness AddressBusiness AddressBusiness Address
3 Mail Scans+10 Mail Scans+25 Mail ScansUnlimited Mail Scans
Phone Service
(90 days free)
Phone Service
(90 days free)
Phone Service
(90 days free)
Phone Service
Unique Suite #Unique Suite #Unique Suite #
Conference Room Access
Month-to-Month Office Lease
*Free with registered agent service.

You get unlimited mail forwarding, plus everything you need to run your business remotely. All for just $19 a month.

Start with a registered agent, get all you need to run your business remotely.

What You Get with A Virginia Virtual Office

A Virtual Office gives you all the benefits of Virginia Mail Forwarding, and then some:

  • Business Address.
    Having a business address that’s not your home address or a P.O. Box lends legitimacy to your company, and allows you to keep your personal information off the public record, allowing you to maintain your privacy.
  • Unique Suite Number.
    Our mail forwarding and virtual office services give you an address with a unique suite number dedicated to your mail.
  • Mail Scans – Unlimited!
    Our Mail Forwarding packages limit the amount of mail you can receive—but with Virtual Office you can receive any amount of mail and we’ll digitize it for you for no extra fee.
  • Phone Service – All inclusive!
    Get a business phone line with a local, Virginia area code. Being able to separate your personal calls from business calls is helpful, but buying a second phone can be expensive. With our phone app (compatible with Android or iOS), you can access your business number through the device you already have.
  • Conference Room Access – Only available with VO!
    Sometimes you need a physical space to conduct a meeting or give a presentation to partners or potential investors. With Virtual Office you get access to one of our conference rooms, which you can rent (subject to availability).
  • Official Office Lease – Only available with VO!
    This document helps support that your business has a presence in Virginia, which could be helpful in a number of situations, including opening a business bank account. Unlike a traditional lease, the lease you get with Virtual Office is month-to-month and does NOT lock you into a contract.

Benefits of A Virginia Virtual Office

An office ideally has everything you need to do your job all in one place. But a physical space also comes with high costs and big inconveniences: monthly rent, extra phone bills, a fixed location, and (even if it’s down the block) an unnecessary commute time. Virtual Office gives you the benefits of having an office without the extra time and extra expense. Instead, you get:

  • Privacy. Keep your home address protected.
  • Connection. Stay in touch with your customers, partners and business contacts without using your personal address and phone number.
  • Legitimacy. No need for temporary addresses or P.O. Boxes. The business address you receive is tied to a working office in downtown Richmond—our office! We’re there five days a week during normal business hours, so you won’t miss mail.
  • Flexibility. Whether you travel often, work from home, or work in different places in the city where you live, Virtual Office lets you take your business with you—wherever you go.
  • Affordability. The cost of renting a physical space is astronomical these days, so let us take care of that part for you. We’re here in the office to receive your mail so you don’t have to be. For just $19 a month, get everything you need to run your business—including a professional business address and office lease—without the cost.

Virginia Virtual Office FAQ:

Yes, so long as that address is tied to a physical building where you can legally receive mail for your company. Our address is in an office building in downtown Richmond and we’re there during normal business hours to accept mail on your behalf. We’re got you covered.

Many virtual mail services are offered by companies that change addresses frequently or don’t fully staff their temporary offices, which means you lose out on mail—and reliability. While you can use a virtual office for your business address make sure you go with a reputable company, like Virginia Professional Services, LLC.

A virtual address is a legitimate address that you can use to receive mail that you can then access online. We at Virginia Professional Services, LLC refer to this as our Mail Forwarding service.

A virtual office will give you a virtual address—and much more. For example, our Virtual Office package includes unlimited mail scans, phone service, conference room access, and even an office lease.


Professional and reliable service,
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