Virginia Business Documents

After you have formed a company with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (VSCC), you will need to draft Virginia business documents to help maintain your company. Some of these documents can help establish your business structure, including how to resolve any internal disputes. Other critical documents can help you obtain a business bank account or certify a member’s ownership of a company.

Below we’ll go over some of the key business documents your LLC or corporation should have. If you’re a client, you can access professionally-drafted Virginia business documents instantly through your secure online account.

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Virginia LLC Business Documents

Here are some of the critical business documents that you can draft to establish the management structure and identity of your Virginia LLC:

  • LLC operating agreement. An operating agreement can ensure that your company has a defined sense of structure by outlining the rules and regulations for how the company will operate. This can include financial information, management structure, and record-keeping. Primarily, the purpose of an operating agreement is to align the business operation with business ownership’s vision. Learn more about why an LLC operating agreement is such an integral part of your Virginia business.
  • LLC initial resolutions. LLC initial resolutions document actions taken between the formation of your company and the adoption of internal governing documents (for instance, the operating agreement or member capital contributions). This serves as a written record of votes taken by the members to authorize specific business actions.
  • LLC membership certificates. Membership certificates specify each LLC member’s respective ownership interest in the organization. If you are an owner (known as a “member”) of an LLC, then you have a financial investment in the organization. The membership certificate verifies the extent of that investment—in other words, how much of the company you own.

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Virginia Corporation Business Documents

Some key Virginia corporation documents include:

  • Corporate bylaws. Corporate bylaws are a required legal document in Virginia that dictates the corporation’s internal management structure, hiring processes, and several other key aspects of running a company. This internal document is comparable to an LLC operating agreement (operating agreements are highly recommended, not required—corporate bylaws are required).
  • Corporate resolutions. A corporate resolution (or “board resolution”) is a written legal document recording a decision made by the board of directors on behalf of the corporation. It is yet another vital business document for recordkeeping.
  • Corporate stock certificates. A corporate stock certificate is the physical proof of a shareholder’s ownership in a company. These certificates are basically a written document confirming the issuance of stocks to an owner.

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